Color My Coral


By: Heidi Joulios

Author | Illustrator


Color My Coral is a children's story book that takes readers on an adventurous dive into "turbulent seawaters" for a "deeper" look at the impact of pollution on coral reef habitat. Readers follow Loretta the Crab as she mistakes human garbage for "treasure" and injures the coral when she brings it home for decoration. This book contains many features that enhance literacy development such as vocabulary building, onomatopoeia and word sound repetition. Kids are captivated by the book's whimsical characters and delightful storyline while developing a valuable connection to the ocean and some of the marvelous creatures living there. It's a compelling tale that can lead to discussions about solutions to water pollution with children.



Delightful illustrations, enjoyable characters, and an important environmental story. I highly recommend Color My Coral.”


- Jeff Hohman, filmmaker

This beautifully told and brilliantly illustrated undersea story weaves an important conservation message of the interconnectedness between humans and our ocean ecosystems.”


- Dr. Geoff Shester, California Program Director at Oceana

"Heidi's characters direct the reader to her message about coral bleaching. In a wonderful way this little book is beautifully illustrated to tell the story about problems we must pay attention to daily. Thank you Heidi!"
-Manuel Neri, American sculptor, painter and printmaker, and a notable member of the "second generation" of the Bay Area Figurative Movement

Greatly impressed by Heidi’s presentation. The kids were intrigued and attentive.  Heidi was gracious and hands-on and worked hard to make her presentation relatable. A success all around!”


-Cara Baker, Youth Services Librarian Woodland Public Library

Heidi Joulios | Author | Illustrator


Heidi Joulios is a native of San Francisco where she pursued a love for the Arts. With a Masters in Fine Art, Heidi produced original works for gallery shows. She has enjoyed teaching art to children for over fifteen years. Heidi was inspired by the experience of growing up in a creative family, observing her mother, a painter and grandfather, a writer. The experience of being a woman, wife, mother of two, teacher, and artist has led Heidi to write and illustrate children's books with positive messages.

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