Snakes Wear Socks

By: Kyle & Katy Chandler-Isacksen

Illustrated By: CD Hullinger


The dryer isn’t stealing your socks, snakes are. At least, they are stealing Jeremy’s. In Snakes Wear Socks, Kyle & Katy Chandler-Isacksen tell a delightful story of a little boy on a quest to find his missing socks. We meet little Jeremy just as the leaves are changing and autumn is sending a crisp chill through the land. Pumpkins are being picked. Soccer balls are flying. And Jeremy wants to play outside. He reaches into his drawer for his favorite pair of socks (the ones with the stars on them) but can only find one of them. He asks his Grandpa for advice. “But Pop!” Jeremy protests. “Snakes don’t wear socks!” Follow along in Snakes Wear Socks and be surprised by the curious mystery that unfolds. It is beautifully illustrated by long-time children’s book artist CD Hullinger, and perfect for bedtime or a blustery autumn afternoon. Snakes Wear Socks will delight young ones with its color, playfulness and silliness.




"Beautiful illustrations let your readers in on Jeremy and his grandfather's fanciful solution to the mysterious disappearance of some of Jeremy's favorite socks...Lively literature model of strong verbs and descriptive details."

Marcia S. Freeman; Author, Educator, and Creator of CraftPlus®
"Your presentation still has students sharing storeis about you & Xavier, which quite naturally leads them to tell their own snake stories (rather like Yours Truly). You set the tone for a week of reading, our annual celebration of books, and I thank you. It has been an unusually stressful start to May for us but you absolutely redeemed it!"

Sandy, Librarian in Fernley, NV

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Kyle & Katy Chandler-Isacksen | Author


Kyle & Katy Chandler-Isacksen share a love for storytelling and are fortunate to have a very receptive audience in their two young sons. Both former teachers and conservation educators, they enjoy hiking, biking, gardening, and of course, playing and learning with their children. Many of the illustrations for Snakes Wear Socks, their first book, are inspired by their lifestyle. They live in the beautiful high desert of Northern Nevada.

CD Hullinger | Illustrator


CD Hullinger has been illustrating children’s books, magazines and games for more than 20 years. Her illustrative style is whimsical with an emphasis on bright impressionistic colors. Some books CD has illustrated include "Johnny Appleseed", "Gigantic George", "The Weather", "Barnyard Babies", "Puppet Playhouse", "Mother Goose Rhymes" and more. She lives in California with her companion and has two grown daughters who used to sit in her lap and help her paint when they were young.